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Amphenol original brand connector part number
Amphenol original brand connector part number

Amphenol original brand connector part number

Product ID : Amphenol connector
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CA288A118040162060 RT06122SNHEC03 PL182X-61-10
CA288A118040151060 RT06123SNHEC03 PL18U-301-35
CA281AA18040552480 RT06128SNHEC03 PL18V-201-25
CA288A118040135200 RT06144SNHEC03 PL18V-301-70
CA288A118040141700 RT06164SNHEC03 PL18W-201-25
CA281AA18040542250 RT06188PNHEC03 PL18W-301-35
C016-10D017-002-1 RT062028SHEC03 PL18X-201-25
RTHP6161SYH-50PS2 AT06-3S-RJ120 PL18X-201-50
RTHP6161SZH-50PS2 AT13-204-2005 PL18X-301-35
RTOW61210PNHEC03 ATV04-38PA-S2 PL18Y-201-25
RTOW61832PNHEC03 ATV06-38SA-S2 PL18Y-201-50
RTS6BS10N6SHEC03 PL182Y-61-2.5 PL18Y-301-35
AT04-08PB-PMR7G RT061412SNH03 PL28V-301-70
AT06-2S-R120YEL RTHP0161PZ-H1 PL28X-301-70
RT001823SNHEC03 HVMC2P12FS150 RT001619PN03
RT061412SNHEC03 ATO4-2P-EC01 RT06122SXH03
RT061619PNHEC03 ATO4-3P-EC01 RT072028PN03
RT061619SNHEC03 AT04-6P-PM05 RTOS-12CG-S1
RT072028PNHEC03 AT06-2S-CEO8 TN0201500461
AT04-08PA-EC01 AT06-2S-EC01 ZN0201500461
AT04-12PA-CE08 AT06-6S-EC01 HVC2P80MV105
C01610D0170031 AT60-12-0166 HVC2P80FV135
MPS01-00P00400 AT60-16-0122 HVC2P28FS204
MPS02-BSFA0320 AT60-16-0622 HVC2P28FS104
MPS02-BSFB0320 AT62-12-0166 HVC2P28MV204
AW6S  ATP04-4P  AWP-2P
 HVC2P28MV104  ATP06-4S  AWP-4P
 HVC2P28MV404  MS10A23F  AWP-4S
 AC-CP000069  A114017  AW12P
 AC-CP000251  AT04-2P  C16-3
 AC-CP000382  RTFD10B  AW2P
 AC-CP000383  RTFD16B  AW2S
 N022520001C  SP12AIT  AW4S
 N382520003C  SP16M1F  AW6P
 N382520046C  SP20M1F  CA-4016-59
 PL182X-60-4  SP20W1F  HCO8B-P32R
 PL182X-61-6  SS12A1T  HC18B-S32
 RB000119-18  SS14M1F  HCTF12001
 RT07128PN03  SS16M1F  HCTF21601
 RTS010N6P03  SS16MIF  HCTM12001
 IPT2P50P001  SS20M1F  HCTM21601
 N382520037C  SS20W1F  ATP04-2P



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