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Auto Light Wiring Harness

The auto light wiring harness is an essential component in the electrical system of a vehicle. It connects the various lighting components, such as headlights, taillights, foglights, spotlights, and turn signals to the power source and control module. The wiring harness ensures that all lights function properly and are synchronized with each other.


The auto light wiring harness is made up of multiple wires that are insulated and protected by a durable outer covering. These wires are color-coded for easy identification during installation or repair work. The harness also includes connectors that allow for easy connection to other electrical components.


In addition to its functional role, the auto light wiring harness also plays an important safety role in vehicles. Properly functioning lights ensure visibility on the road, which can prevent accidents and keep drivers safe.


Pls note that the below products are custom-made light wiring harnesses, We won't share more details with other customers, send us an inquiry if you also need a custom wire harness for your lights.