PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly Service



Hooha offers state-of-the-art, high-tech Printed Circuit Boards to OEMs and CEMs manufacturing. A service of high density, high precision, and high-reliability PCBs to its customers.  We have been offering this production service to our customers for the last 15 years making sure Electronic Components and PCBs are supplied at the same time, allowing you to control your production without the delays of shortages or missing parts – there is very little point in having one without the other.  Some of the biggest failings of CEMs in China are stock management and the inability to purchase all components to be delivered at the same time. Hooha's offering of the Total Solution means you no longer have to worry about this problem, saving time and money with the bonus of reduced accounts work and unseen back-end costs to running your business day to day.

We offer this electronic printed circuit board production (PCB manufacturing) service as a standalone or as part of our Electronic Component Kitting Service or Managed Total Solution contract manufacturing Service.  We pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality printed electronic circuit boards to the market. Compliance with high-quality standards, UL, ISO9001, ISO/TS16949, and ISO14001 Certified, we offer our customers the best possible products at the most competitive prices and time efficiency from quick-turnaround, low-to-medium-volume, and high-mix production.

Our standard Electronic Circuit Board PCB manufacturing turnaround is 15 working days, and this is the most cost-effective. Within this timescale, we can also arrange all your components, metal work or plastics and wiring harness to complete a full kit ready to go straight to build. If you don’t have your own production line, we can populate the printed circuit board PCB and can also Box Build and Test if required and place it in the packaging.

If you would like a quote for the manufacture of Electronic Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) or any other service please get in touch, our mix of component buyers and contractor manufacturer-trained staff can attend to any need.



Why Choose Us?




Full Traceability

Full Traceability

we source all of our components from a vetted global supply network.


IPC-A610 Class 3 Quality

IPC-A610 Class 3 Quality

No compromise on top quality, from components to quality of work



Fast, Reliable Service

FAST-EST PCB Prototyping

Because being the first to market matters.



End-to-end Turnkey Solution

End-to-End Turnkey Solution

We can handle every step from concept to shipping.


20+ Years Industry Experience

20+ Years of Industry Experience

With the knowledge and experience you can rely on.



FAST-EST PCB Prototyping

Reliable Service

All of our boards are sourced from UL-approved PCB board fabricators.




PCB Assembly Specifies



PCB assembly is the process of attaching electronic components to a printed circuit board (PCB) in order to create a functioning electronic device. The components are typically soldered to the PCB using automated equipment, although manual assembly methods can also be used. The PCB assembly process is an important step in the manufacturing of electronic products, as it allows for the creation of complex circuits in a reliable and efficient manner.

We’re used to working with complex circuit designs, odd-form components, and the tiniest and most advanced components available, including micro-ball grid arrays (micro BGAs). We can go down to 0201 (0.6mm x 0.3mm).

Small is beautiful – and large requires a specialist, too. Good news for our clients who require the assembly of large-format PCBs, as often found in LED lighting arrays and antenna PCBs.

All PCBAs are assembled in accordance with IPC-A-610 Class 3 standards, so we can assemble boards suited to harsh operating environments and, needless to say, with all due ESD (electrostatic discharge) and moisture sensitivity precautions.





Full Array of PCB Board


Single-sided PCBs

Double-sided PCBs

Multilayer PCBs

Rigid PCBs

Flexible PCBs

Rigid-Flex (Hybrid) PCBs





SMT (Surface-Mount-Technology)


A PCB assembly technique well suited to smaller components, higher density, and greater volumes.


SMT has become the industry standard for most PCB assemblies nowadays. 


Each component is surface-mounted on solder paste and soldered using the reflow technique.


THT (Through-Hole-Technology)


Sometimes hand-placed, or sometimes placed by our machines, this PCB assembly technique involves directing each component's metal wires through holes.


These are then wave soldered (also known as flow soldering) from the other side to terminate them.





PCB Assembly Applications



Cable adapter Car charger Power adapter

Medical device

cable adapter car charger 3000W power supply medical device
Safety protection Security device Game device Consumer electronic
safety protection security device game device consumer electronic
Home appliance device Food machine Shared device Power supply
home appliance device food machine shared device power supply
Smart lock

Mosquito Swatter

Solar Charge Controller Video Capture Card
smart lock Mosquito Swatter PCB assembly Solar Charge Controller PCB Video Capture Card PCB
Battery Management System heat pump controller Intelligent Beauty Mask device LED light
Battery Management System PCB heat pump controller Intelligent Wearing Beauty Mask device LED light


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