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Customize Auto Engine Wiring Harness
Customize Auto Engine Wiring Harness Customize Auto Engine Wiring Harness Customize Auto Engine Wiring Harness Customize Auto Engine Wiring Harness Customize Auto Engine Wiring Harness

Customize Auto Engine Wiring Harness

Product ID : HHDW1804250911
Product Attributes :

Item: remanufacture customized LS engine wiring harness

wire: UL3266;

Wire Gauge: 18AWG, 22AWG, etc.

connector brand: SAE, TE;

type: customize;

application: V8, V6, L4.

Minimum Order Quantity: 50 sets.

Product Description


We specialize in custom automotive remanufacture wiring harnesses. With more than 20 years of experience, our team works closely with customers to help them select the best wire to ensure optimal performance and durability. like this custom wire harness, which is chosen UL3266, a high-quality wire that can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -60℃ to +125℃. (see more wires that we have in stock)

Our commitment to excellence means that every wiring harness we produce is meticulously crafted with precision and care. We understand the importance of reliable electrical systems in your vehicle, therefore, we prefer to use the best materials. we adhere to the IATF16949 standard for automotive wire harness products, strictly make the supplier survey and audit, we have complete control over the quality of our products, every step of the process is carefully monitored and managed by us, you can trust us to provide nothing but excellence at every stage of the process. [Read More about Our QC plan]

Whether you're looking for a custom whole-car wiring solution or simply need a custom wire harness for a certain application, our team has the expertise and experience necessary to deliver exceptional results. Trust us to provide you with a top-of-the-line product that will exceed your expectations.[Read More our Products Range]

If you require a custom wire harness assembly service, please provide us with your customized wire harness drawing or diagram. As a professional manufacturer of custom automotive wire harnesses since 2001, we possess extensive experience in producing any type of wire harnesses. All our products are manufactured according to IPC/WHMA-A-620 standards and meet the IATF16949 standard for automotive wire harnesses. Below is a custom automotive LS engine wire harness product for your reference.


LS engine wiring harness drawing:

  • This is a custom wire harness, we will not share more details with any other customers, it is displayed here just shows we have the ability to make this type of wire harness, pls send your custom wire harness drawing/diagram or sample to me, let's start with a free of quote.

  • Just send your wire harness drawing to us to quote the price, after the price is approved, then we can make a sample to confirm, of course, we can send our drawing to confirm as well.

LS engine wiring harness


Engine wire harness details:



 Engine wire harness used wire UL3266 specs:




engine wiring harness.jpg


Customized You Owned Wiring Harness Processing Flow:

Send us your sample or drawing request → Feedback with quotation(1~3 days) → Confirm quotation → Making samples(1~3 days)→Samples test(Approval) →place order for Mass production(2~3 weeks)→Quality checking→Packing →Delivery →After Service →Repeat Order.



1. What wires we are going to use for your own wire harness?

  • Generally, we will provide a price quotation based on your wire style and size specifications in the drawing request. In cases where the wire style is not specified but only the gauge/size is mentioned, we will select a commonly used UL-certified type such as UL1007, UL1015, UL1569, UL1571, UL2464, etc. This approach is adopted due to our extensive stock of these wire types, eliminating the need for customization from our suppliers.

2. What connectors we are going to use?

  • Before quote the price to you, we are generally will ask you if you would consider the Chinese equivalent if they have. If yes, we will try to find out the appropriate replacement, verify its specifications, and send the drawing to you for approval. If you prefer to use original parts, we will quote you the price strictly based on your drawing listed brand and P/N.
  • Don't worry if you choose the original brand part, as we use replacements for mass production. Original brand parts usually feature an icon/logo, while equivalents have different markings or no icon/logo. Also, this is not a one-time business, our company has been specializing in custom wire harnesses for over 20 years, and we firmly believe that such fraudulent practices cannot sustain long-term customer relationships

3. Why do we suggest you consider a Chinese replacement if they have one?

  • The Chinese equivalent generally offers a more competitive price and shorter lead time for purchasing compared to the original brand. Rest assured, we will take full responsibility for their quality control.


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  • Any inquiries are free of charge, no matter how complex the wire harness it is.

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