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Car wire harness processing quality inspection should pay attention to five aspects of the problem


The electronic harness of the automobile wiring harness has a high degree of integration. The operating conditions and parameters of the automobile are reflected on the onboard computer through the wire harness. Whether the quality of the automobile harness is qualified or not determines whether the performance of the vehicle is up to standard. What are the precautions for quality inspection of automotive wiring harnesses during processing? The following wire harness processing plants believe that the following aspects should be analyzed:

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1. Does the cutting line meet the requirements?

Check that the wire size meets the relevant requirements and the model is incorrect. The incision must be neat, the wire should not be scratched, and the wire should not be dirty.

2. Is the grouping process neat?

Check if the trimming is neat, the size is wrong, and you can't draw the core wire when trimming the group.

3. Is the jacket peeled neatly?

Check whether the stripping port is neat, the size of the stripping is correct, the stripping of the braided wire and the core wire cannot be peeled off, and the copper wire is not peeled off; the insulator must not fall off during the half peeling.

4. Is the size of the shrink tube correct?

Carefully check the model and size of the shrink tube.

5. Is the pre-solder temperature suitable?

Check the temperature of the tin furnace. If the solder is prepared, check the core wire and the copper wire to check for bending, bifurcation, and discount.