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Custom Wiring Harness quality inspection method

The wire harness refers to the wire inside the electrical equipment, and the wire harness belongs to the weak electric cable, which is widely used in weak electrical engineering. The inner conductor of the electronic wire is generally tinned copper or bare copper.

The data lines that we often use and the wires inside the electronic products are the terminals connecting wires. The wires have strict quality standards, and the quality of the product must be checked when selecting the terminal wire. The following is a description of the quality test method for the wire harness:

1. Check the certification mark. Products with a wire harness that should be compulsory certified shall be marked with a certification mark in the prominent position of the product, that is, “UL” and “RoHS” mark. Otherwise, it is an unlicensed product.


2. the length. The national standard specifies the delivery length of the wire harness. The length of the loop should be 100m, and the length of the disc should be greater than 100m. The consumer can measure according to the length of the label. The standard stipulates that the length error does not exceed 0.5% of the total length.

If it does not reach the lower limit of the standard, it will be unqualified. The length of the terminal wire is 610m/volume, and each label has a note.

3. Observe the wire finish and color. wire harness the copper conductor is metalized or non-metalized annealed copper wire. The aluminum conductor is aluminum or aluminum alloy wire. The surface is smooth, the copper conductor is light purple, and the aluminum conductor is silvery white.

Otherwise, the conductor is likely to be doped with other impurities. , causing a drop in electrical conductivity.

4. Measure DC resistance. In order to ensure the quality of the purchased wire harness, you can first take 3 – 5 meters from the product you want to purchase to the inspection mechanism for DC resistance measurement.

5. Look at the inspection report. As a product that affects the safety of people and property, the wire harness has been listed as the key point of government supervision and inspection. The regular manufacturers are inspected by the supervision department on a periodic basis. Therefore, the seller should be able to provide the quality inspection department inspection report, otherwise, the quality of the product will lack a basis.

6. Detect insulation and sheath. The insulation of the wire harness and the thickness of the sheath should be uniform and unbiased, and the hand induction has obvious tension and elongation. At the same time, the surface of the insulation and sheath should have a continuous printing mark of the name of the manufacturer and the type of the product. The mark interval: the insulation does not exceed 200mm, and the sheath does not exceed 500mm.