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How do we control the quality of wire harness products

Quality control is an essential aspect of any business that aims to provide top-notch products or services. It encompasses a range of processes and activities that are put in place by companies to ensure that their offerings meet or surpass the desired quality standards. These measures involve closely monitoring and evaluating various aspects of the production or service delivery process, with the aim of identifying and rectifying any deviations or defects. The ultimate objective of quality control is to consistently deliver high-quality products or services that not only meet but exceed customer expectations. This requires a commitment to excellence at every stage, from design and development through to manufacturing, distribution, and after-sales support.

To achieve this goal, businesses must implement rigorous testing procedures, employ skilled personnel who are trained in quality assurance techniques, use state-of-the-art equipment and technology where appropriate, and maintain strict adherence to industry regulations. By doing so, they can build trust with customers while also enhancing their reputation as a reliable provider of superior goods or services.


Here are 7 aspects of how we control wire harness products quality:


1. Certificates

We are proud to announce that we have successfully achieved 4 major certifications, which demonstrate our commitment to excellence and quality. These include the highly respected UL certification, which recognizes our products' safety and reliability; the ISO9001 quality system certification, which confirms our adherence to strict international standards for quality management; the IATF16949 certification, a rigorous automotive industry standard that ensures our products meet the highest levels of performance and durability; and finally, the CE certification, which demonstrates compliance with European Union regulations for health, safety, and environmental protection. With these certifications under our belt, we can confidently say that we offer some of the most reliable and high-quality products on the market today.



2. Laboratory

In order to ensure the quality and reliability of our products, we have taken great care in setting up our very own test room. This state-of-the-art facility allows us to conduct a wide range of tests that are essential for ensuring that every component meets our rigorous standards. One such test is the temperature test of the jacket of the wires and cables. By subjecting this critical component to extreme temperatures, we can determine its ability to withstand harsh conditions and maintain optimal performance over time. Another important test is the Strain Relief (SR) swing test of the molding. This involves subjecting each molded part to repeated swings in order to assess its durability and resistance to wear and tear. We also perform plug and pull tests on all terminal plastic parts, which helps us identify any potential weaknesses or defects before they become a problem. Additionally, we conduct tension tests on all terminal presses, ensuring that they meet our strict requirements for strength and reliability. Finally, we use quadratic measurement techniques to carefully analyze each component's dimensions and ensure that it conforms precisely with our specifications. All these measures combine together seamlessly in order for us deliver high-quality products you can trust.



3. Supplier audit

We recognize the importance of maintaining high standards in our procurement process, especially when it comes to sourcing raw materials. To ensure that we consistently meet these standards, we are implementing a rigorous supplier screening system. This system will be integrated into our existing procurement process after a thorough qualification assessment. By doing so, we can guarantee that all suppliers who provide us with raw materials have been thoroughly vetted and meet our strict criteria for quality and reliability. Our goal is to ensure that every single raw material used in our production processes meets or exceeds the specifications set forth by our company. This not only ensures consistency in product quality but also helps us maintain compliance with industry regulations and best practices. We understand that this may require additional time and resources on both ends of the supply chain, but we believe it is worth the investment. By working closely with our suppliers to establish clear expectations and guidelines, we can build stronger relationships based on trust and mutual respect. In short, implementing a strict supplier screening system is just one way that we are committed to delivering products of exceptional quality while upholding ethical business practices at every step of the way.

supplier audit


4. Imcoming quality control (IQC)

To ensure the highest quality of our products, we must implement a strict incoming inspection system. This means that every batch of materials will undergo sampling inspection to guarantee their compliance with our rigorous standards. Any materials found to be unqualified will be resolutely returned for re-production. By implementing this process, we can rest assured that only the best materials are used in our production line. We take pride in delivering top-notch products to our customers and believe that this level of attention to detail is essential in maintaining their trust and loyalty. Our commitment to quality extends beyond just the finished product - it starts with the raw materials themselves. By carefully inspecting each batch before use, we can identify any potential issues early on and prevent them from affecting the final product.

IQC standard


5. InPut Process Quality Control (IPQC)

During the production process, we take great care to ensure that every step is thoroughly inspected. Our team conducts a meticulous sampling inspection of each and every link in the production chain for all our products. This ensures that all processes are carried out in strict accordance with established procedures, leaving no room for error. Our commitment to quality control not only prevents large-scale errors from occurring but also helps us improve our overall production efficiency. By identifying potential issues early on, we can quickly address them and make any necessary adjustments to streamline our operations. At every stage of the manufacturing process, we strive for excellence and hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of quality assurance. We believe that this approach is essential to delivering products that meet or exceed customer expectations while maintaining a competitive edge in today's fast-paced marketplace.


6. 100% conduction test. 

After the production is completed, we will meticulously conduct a comprehensive conduction test on each and every product to ensure utmost quality and guarantee that only flawless items are delivered to our esteemed customers. Our commitment to excellence drives us to leave no stone unturned in verifying the impeccable performance of our products. By subjecting our merchandise to this rigorous examination, we aim not only to meet but exceed customer expectations. This meticulous process allows us to identify any potential issues or imperfections, ensuring that every single item leaving our facility adheres strictly to the highest standards of craftsmanship and functionality. Our team of skilled technicians will employ cutting-edge testing equipment and advanced methodologies during this conduction test phase. We understand that your satisfaction relies on receiving top-notch products, which is why we invest considerable time and effort into conducting these tests with unwavering precision. Rest assured that by implementing such stringent measures, we prioritize your peace of mind as well as the longevity of our business relationship. Your trust in us motivates us further towards continuous improvement and innovation.

continuity test


7. Outgoing Quality Control (OQC)

Before the goods are shipped, it is imperative to conduct a thorough sampling inspection. This process ensures that each batch of products meets specific quality standards set by the quality assurance department. The inspection involves selecting a representative sample from the batch and subjecting it to rigorous testing procedures. The purpose of this inspection is to identify any defects or issues with the product before it reaches its final destination. By doing so, we can prevent any potential problems that may arise during transportation or use by customers. Only after passing these strict standards can we arrange for shipment of the goods. We take great pride in our commitment to delivering high-quality products and ensuring customer satisfaction every step of the way. Our dedication to maintaining these standards has earned us a reputation as a reliable supplier in our industry. We understand that our customers rely on us for top-notch products, and we strive to exceed their expectations with every order.



With our rigorous 7 aspect quality control process, we are confident that our wire harness products meet the highest standards of excellence. You can trust us to deliver top-notch quality every time. Don't hesitate - get in touch with us today and send over your drawing for a free quote. Once you approve the price, we invite you to place a trial order so you can experience firsthand just how exceptional our products truly are. We take pride in providing only the best for our customers, and we look forward to working with you!


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